The Super Furry Animals, an SFA fansite, super furry animals - unofficially.

"We've been called The Beach Boys on acid, but The Beach Boys were on acid!" - Gruff

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US Feburary Tour

2016 US Feb Tour

AND the very first book about the band Rise of the Super Furry Animals by Ric Rawlins was published in February, pick up your copy here.

Welcome to, the site which aims to provide you with an adequate dose of furriness and celebrates the Super Furry Animals.

Around here you'll find all the lyrics you can eat, a complete discography and gigography, a short and fairly incomplete introduction to the band, as well as tab and chords so you can recreate that SFA experience in your own home.

There's also the shadowy regions of the "things" section, where anything that doesn't fit into any of the other categories goes.

If you're interested in the latest on SFA, you can proceed directly to the news section. There are also some links to other sites, but please don't leave yet... :)

Want to burn the perfect SFA mix? Visit the Mix-O-Matic!

Hopefully, you'll find what you're looking for on this site. If you have any problems or requests, why not drop me an email.

Live Photos: SFA FLICKR group is here.

And if you like the Super Furry Animals, make sure to swing by and visit MC Mabon!


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