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Rough Trade RTRADCD371
  1. This Is Just the Beginning
  2. Candylion
  3. The Court Of King Arthur
  4. Lonesome Words
  5. Cycle Of Violence
  6. Painting People Blue
  7. Beacon In The Darkness
  8. Con Carino
  9. Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru
  10. Now That The Feeling Is Gone
  11. Ffrwydriad Yn Y Ffurfafen
  12. Skylon

  13. Release date: 8 January 2007

    • It follows the single of the same name and is a mesmerising musical journey with one of our most talented singers and songwriters. 'Candylion' was recorded in the spring of 2006 after months of touring with SFA and finds Gruff taking a batch of acoustic and mellow songs and adding a nostalgic flavour.
    • from Candylion took form in the spring of 2006 over a fragmented 2 week period at Gorwel Owen's Ofn studio in Llanfaelog, Wales. My ears were happily ringing from a few months touring with the Super Furry Animals and I had a batch of mellower acoustic songs I wanted to record quickly and get out of the way before the next speaker-blowing SFA record. Once in the studio however I got carried away and found myself in a nostalgic mood, pining for some of the music I grew up listening to.
    • The cornerstones of this record became the soft vocal sound of Psychocandy-era The Jesus and Mary Chain coupled with the sonic sweetshop of daisy age hip hop. Coincidently I had been listening and dancing hard during this period to a lot of my parentsí old 1960ís and 70ís Welsh language pop, folksploitation and progressive rock 7 inches whilst helping Finders Keepers Records compile an album of the period which was called 'Welsh Rare Beat'. With all these pieces of my past swimming around my brain I dropped a lot of slow-mo solo acoustic numbers and built up a bedrock of varied sounds, inviting my friend Owen over to add double bass, and Lisa Jen from the band 9bach - who comes from my home town and shares my Bethesda accent - to sing.
    • The atmosphere at Gorwel's house was free and easy so I felt confident to mess around with the English and Welsh Languages; working in a 15 minute long ballad dealing with Skylon, master of the skies and even recording a duet with Lisa in really bad Patagonian Spanish which fits in with my eventual goal of killing off all the colonial languages with bad grammar.
    • To finish it off I searched further afield and stopped by in Brixton for a day to add some strings courtesy of Sean and Marcus of The High Llamas and finally hooked up with Mario Caldato Jr (who mixed the last 2 furry records) at his home in Rio de Janeiro for a week to mix the thing and add some percussion and flute. I headed home with this record burning in my hand: Candylion, an album essentially of 11 songs for the acoustic guitar and voice. It was a joy and adventure to make and I hope it floats your boat along too for a while, wherever you may be going."

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