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unofficially super furry animals - sfa - Cloudberries - [tab/chords].

Bm A G
She came into the room...

G A Bm
Didn't know her name...

Bm A G
How I danced inside (?)...

G A Bm A G
Known to confide in the darkest winter (?)...

F#m B (?) D
I made a sound like a long lost Hummingbird...

The little ditty after that I'm not as confident about, but in th emeantime I've been playing (rather quickly after you strum that last D) the bass notes on the 6th string for :

B > A > G > Open E (6th string) > F# > Open A (5th string) > and finally on the 5th string D (5th fret or strumming the D chord in the alternative). The timing you can pick out from the record.

Thanks Ciaran!

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