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unofficially super furry animals - sfa - Court of King Arthur - [lyrics].

Court of King Arthur
Creepy crawly creeping up to the sun,
Digging deeper I hit on an ancient lump,
Lift my spade up,
And dig a bit deeper,
Must be careful with my magnetometer,
Excavation takes a long time;
First I survey,
Then dig through the lime.
So make some space now 'cause I'm digging for treasure,
I'm digging deep for the court of king Arthur, Arthur.

Hyroglyphics tell me you're here somewhere,
Been Radio Carbon dating for years and years,
How I've missed you by just a few inches,
Found your hand,
but you don't pull no punches.
I found my mummy,
I found her in rags,
Under pyramids,
Artefacts are calling me under,
'cause I'm digging for treasuer,
I'm digging deep for the Court of King Arthur, Arthur.

Round the table,
So round the table,
Found the table glistening in the sun,
So help me out now 'cause I'm digging for treasure,
I dug deep for the Court of King Arthur.

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