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Furry Selection
  1. Sky Larkin (Horace Andy)
  2. Curly Locks (Lee Scratch Perry)
  3. Dread Combination (Mikey Dread)
  4. Flashing Echo (Leo Graham & The Upsetters)
  5. Vibrate Onn (Augustus Pablo)
  6. Darkest Night On A Wet Looking Road (Keith Hudson)
  7. Jamaican Colley (Linval Thompson)
  8. Penny For Your Bub (U-Roy)
  9. Ring The Alarm (Tenor Saw)
  10. Channel One Feel It (Leroy Smart & The Aggrovators)
  11. Do It Baby (Susan Cadogan)
  12. 23rd Dub (The Upsetters)
  13. Free The Weed (Rupie Edwards)
  14. Kaya (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
  15. Girl Of My Dreams (Cornell Campbell)
  16. The Long Way (Junior Byles)

  17. Notes
    • from
    • Now bassist Guto Pryce brings us a collection of his favourite reggae and dub music - released today (June 4) and entitled 'Furry Selection' - to celebrate 40 years of Trojan Records.
    • The playlist selected from Trojan's huge back catalogue include seminal tracks by Horace Andy, Lee Scratch Perry, Bob Marley and Linval Thompson.
    • "I started trying to listen to every reggae record ever made", Pryce explained, "But in the end I just went for my favourite songs, ones I listen to often.
    • "We DJ a bit on tour in the dressing room and we play a lot of reggae, so a lot of these tunes are just tunes I play all the time anyway."
    • Previous Trojan collections have included Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood selection as well as one from the Upsetter himself, Lee Scratch Perry whom Pryce professes a great deal of admiration for.
    • "He's just done the most enormous amount of music and he's an incredibly prolific and experimental and forward looking producer. And also completely bonkers, so he was very entertaining at the same time."

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