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unofficially super furry animals - sfa - Gathering Moss - [tab/chords].

Gathering Moss

(all on high e string)
pluck first 4 strings of
the next chords up and down
(all E/Em shaped barre chords)
A, Bm, F#m, E, G, A, Bm, F#m, A,
Bm, F#m, E, G, A, Bm, G, A, Bm, F#m,
(all that twice)

Strum these chords
A, D, Gm, D, A, D, Gm, A, D, G, A,
Bm, G, A, Bm, G, A, G, A, G, A, Bm, E, Bm

Bit over the last three chords

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