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unofficially super furry animals - sfa - Lazy Life (Of No Fixed Identity) - [lyrics].

Lazy Life (Of No Fixed Identity)
Reactionary meltdown
No-one could be bothered
It's a lazy, lazy life
Such a lazy, lazy life

I was feeling hungry
Didn't have no money
So you let me in your door
Didn't know where I'd been before
Oh no!

It's a lazy life (X8)

Iron out the creases
Rip it up to pieces
And it felt so horrible
Coz we're gonna make them die

Liquidise your muffins
Stick 'em in the frying pan
It's all the rage today
Just to say that's all so cool
Oh no!

It's a lazy life (X8)

You've got a fat chance
(Of beating all of me)?
We've got ‘em shut down
Bumped up
Stuck up my oak tree
I feel sorry for you
If you categorise me
Coz we are of no fixed identity

It's a lazy life (X8)

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