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Love Kraft
SonyBMG 5205016
  1. Zoom! [#]
  2. Atomik Lust [#]
  3. The Horn [#]
  4. Ohio Heat [#]
  5. Walk You Home [#]
  6. Lazer Beam [#]
  7. Frequency [#]
  8. Oi Frango [#]
  9. Psyclone!
  10. Back On A Roll
  11. Cloudberries [#]
  12. Cabin Fever [#]

  13. Click audio to hear an audio sample or # to see tab/chords where available; song titles link to lyrics.
Highest chart position:
Release date: August 22, 2005

  • Their seventh album might just be the definitive SFA release. It's their loveliest and most cohesive, and is the first album to feature songs written and sung by nearly all the group members. In diversifying, they've found new focus in this full-on psychedelic soul masterpiece. "Love Kraft" is immense in scope, with more than half of its twelve tracks featuring swooning string arrangements (courtesy of unofficial Furry and sometime High Llama, Sean O'Hagan) and an occasional Welsh choir. Produced by Mario Caldato (Beastie Boys).
  • Song writing and singing duties are the most diversified of all SFA albums with Daf at the helm of Atomik Lust, Bunf taking over on Back on a Roll, Oi Frango and The Horn while Cian leads on Walk You Home and Daf and Cian team up to lead us through the achingly beautiful Cabin Fever.
  • Album released on vinyl, cd and Hybrid Super Audio CD 5.1 mix
  • Album Credits
  • Sean O'Hagan String Arrangements, Wind Arrangements
  • David Ralicke Flute
  • Brian Wright Violin
  • Super Furry Animals Producer, Mixing, Wind Arrangements, String Arrangements
  • Marcus Holdaway Cello
  • Tracy Holloway Trombone
  • Clare Raybould Violin
  • Sarah Clarke Clarinet (Bass)
  • Leonard D. West Photography
  • Elspeth Cowie Violin
  • Peter Fowler Artwork
  • Jacqueline Norrie Violin
  • Jonathan "Catfish" Thomas Slide Guitar
  • Luiz„o Dantas Assistant
  • Gill Morley Violin
  • Laura Melhuish Violin
  • Jonathan Thomas Love Kraft Slide Guitar
  • Leonardo Moreira Love Kraft Assistant
  • Amanda Britton Love Kraft Violin
  • Mathew Draper Cor Anglais
  • Nadia Griffiths Vocals
  • Osian Gwynedd Arranger, Choir Arrangement
  • Wil Morris Jones Arranger, Choir Arrangement
  • Mark James Artwork
  • Ellen Blair Violin
  • Mario Caldato, Jr. Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  • Jeff Daly Sax (Baritone)
  • Sally Herbert Violin
  • Greg Jackman Engineer
  • Richard Jackson Engineer

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