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Northern Lites
Creation CRESCD314
  1. Northern Lites [#]
  2. Rabid Dog [#]
  3. This, That And The Other

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Highest chart position: 11
Release date: 10 May 1999

  • The first single from Guerrilla.
  • In my opinion, none of the songs on this are particularly strong. But it did get SFA their highest chart position up to this point.
  • Cover sticker featured the short-lived "SFA plug" logo.
  • The rather more interesting track "Wherever I Lay My Phone (That's My Home)" was slated as the first single, but unfortunately its release would have coincided with the release of Marco Piu's pathetic "Communication (Somebody Answer The Phone)", which apparently would have seemed like more than a coincidence to the record-buying public.

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