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Out Spaced
Creation CRELP229
  1. Untitled (Hidden Track) [#]
  2. The Man Don't Give A Fuck [#]
  3. Dim Brys Dim Chwys [#]
  4. Smokin'
  5. Dim Bendith [#]
  6. Arnofio/Glo In The Dark [#]
  7. Guacamole [#]
  8. Don't Be A Fool, Billy! [#]
  9. Focus Pocus/Debiel [#]
  10. Fix Idris [#]
  11. pamV? (aka Pam Fi) [#]
  12. Pass The Time [#]
  13. Carry The Can [#]
  14. Blerwytirhwng? [#]

  15. Click audio to hear an audio sample or # to see tab/chords where available; song titles link to lyrics.
Highest chart position: 44
Release date: 23 November 1998

  • This album collected together various rarities and b-sides, including most of the Moog Droog and Llanfair... EPs and b-sides from the Fuzzy Logic singles.
  • A limited edition came out in heavy rubber packaging which is supposedly shaped like a nipple.
  • Many people don't realise there is an extra techno-ish instrumental on this album. Insert the CD, press play and then hold down rewind to listen to it.
  • The noise at the end of Blerwytirhwng? on this album is extended to make the track exactly 11 minutes long for no apparent reason - the ending on the original version only lasts about 20 seconds.
  • Several of the other tracks on this album are slightly mixed together and therefore shortened compared to the original releases, such as the ending on PamV?.
  • Album Credits
  • Andy Wilkinson Engineer
  • Super Furry Animals Producer, Mixing, Main Performer
  • Gorwel Owen Producer, Engineer
  • Pat Pope Photography
  • Greg Haver Engineer
  • Simon Corkin Design
  • Peter Fowler Illustrations
  • John Collyer Engineer, Mixing
  • Paul Heartfield Photography
  • Dave Buchanan Engineer
  • Rolant Dafis Photography
  • Paul Durrant Engineer
  • Quinten Quammie Engineer

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