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unofficially super furry animals - sfa - Presedential Suite - [tab/chords].

Presedential Suite


Pick These Chords Slowly...

A / Bm / C#m / D x2

Verse 1

A C#m D Dm7
Monica and naughty Billy got together something silly
A C#m D Dm7
Holy wars out of lusty minutes, another Cuban cigar Crisis
A Bm C#m D A
Honestly! Do we need to know if he really came inside her mouth
Bm C#m D Dm7 E
How will all this effect me know and know that


A Bm C#m F#m
We belong in a Presidential Suite
Bm C#m F#m
Armed guards in the street
Bm C#m F#m
Waving back at those who greet
D C#m D C#m
And when i look over, over my shoulder
D C#m G
I can't see my past
It seems so far away

Repeat as required

I would write out rest of the song,
but i put my back out humping your mother!

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