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unofficially super furry animals - sfa - Run Away - [tab/chords].

Run Away
Verse :- B D#m G#m E Em (play C# instead of E on the end of the last bar of each verse)

Chorus :- B D#m G#m E Em and then when Gruff sings "cry a little" it changes to Em (It can be difficult to hear but at times at the end of the bar on the E chord you strum once on E and then it changes to Em for 2 strums. Listen carefully to the recording to hear this.

Middle 8 :- B D#m G#m C#

Key Change :- C# Fm Bbm F#

Outro :- During the key change when Gruff sings "cry a little" its F#m and then the outro is :- C# F#m C# F#m and it ends on C#

Tabbed by the lovely and talented MCraigSquared

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