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Show Your Hand
Em B7 G A Em B7 G A
Verse :- I can see flowers wilting in the sun, dilusions of grandure can overcome anyone

C C/B Am,G,C C/B Am
Bridge :- You're perched so neatly on the fence, youre keeping your cards all to yourself uh
Na uh huh

G Em C
Chorus :- Show your hand now , show your hand now, show your hand now, i'm jumping off
the fence into your corner

Ba ba dop de dop de dop da ba ba :- Em B7 G A C C/B AM G D

Key Change & Outro :- A F#m D E D E D E D,D/C#,D/B,A

Where I have said to play B7, play the chord but dont put your finger on the G string. I couldnt find the name of the chord sorry but you will get it when you listen.
The bridge lyrics are wrong but they were the best I could decipher. :)

tabbed by the lovely Craig Harding

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