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Song Book, Vol. I
  1. Something 4 The Weekend
  2. It's Not The End of The World
  3. Northern Lites
  4. Juxtapozed With U
  5. Slow Life
  6. Fire In My Heart
  7. The Man Don't Give A
  8. Herman Loves Pauline
  9. Play It Cool
  10. Ice Hockey Hair
  11. Do Or Die
  12. Rings Around The World
  13. God Show Me Magic
  14. Ysbeidiau Heulog
  15. Demons
  16. Golden Retriever
  17. International Language Of Screaming
  18. Hello Sunshine
  19. Hometown Unicorn
  20. If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You
  21. Blerwytirhwng

  22. Release date: 4 Oct. 2004

    • Something 4 The Weekend (1996)- GRUFF: At the time I was completely obsessed by The Move and ELO and I was trying to perfect my Brummie accent. I was interested in all those Brummie bands. The song came to me on the train from Cardiff to Gloucester on one of those slow trains as I was probably going to Birmingham to feel the vibes. The lyrics are quite George Foreman, 'cos they asked him where all his money had gone and he said "Slow horses and fast women". It's about losing your mind.
    • It's Not The End of The World (2002)- GUTO: We recorded this in Bearsville Studios, Woodstock, and did this after an American tour and we stayed there for three weeks. It was a wonderful old '70s place in the middle of a forest with bears roaming around. But the song is all about nuclear armageddon, the end of humanity and a black rock spinning round the sun called earth which is inhabited by cockroaches but is still called earth.
    • Northern Lites (1999)- GRUFF: This was about the el nino phenomenon, communication and destruction. Songs can be extremely useful - you write a song about Howard Marks and the next thing you're at his house; you write a song about the Northern Lights and hopefully someone will take you there. They didn't but I've seen them twice now and they are pretty amazing.
    • Juxtapozed With U (2001)- GRUFF: There is a totally over-the-top vocal with a backdrop of impending war. It came out in 2001 when it was pretty obvious the US was going to start invading all these different countries. It was pre-9/11 but that event only confirmed what was going to happen. The song was originally going to be a duet and we had asked Brian Harvey (former East 17 singer) to do it. I think it would have been amazing and added some extra Harveyness to it. He could have added some depth to the song, but instead I had to do a duet with myself.
    • Slow Life (2004)- GRUFF: (Keyboard player) Cian was working on the riff for years and we kept asking him when it was going to be finished and when we could get to grips with it. In the end we were just jamming on the top of it. It is all Cian's programming and then we played on top. I think it is one of our highlights as a band.
    • Fire In My Heart (1999) - GRUFF: It's a really crazy product, really over the top and I wanted to call it Heartburn originally. We wanted it to be like a really simple country and western song. It is not about one person in particular, just various people chucked together to create an imaginary one. The end is just bonkers with everyone singing along.
    • The Man Don't Give A Fuck (1996) - GRUFF: It was our first single as a band. (Drummer) Daf found a Steely Dan sample and looped it and we added some bits and pieces. It's and anti-authoritarian anthem which is 22 minutes long live. It has got to be an epic where Cian improvises for 16 minutes. The single we have done features a Bill Hicks sample; we asked his estate for it and all they asked for in return was two copies of the single.
    • Herman Loves Pauline (1997) - GRUFF: It's all about Einstein and how people didn't think he was very clever at school. We spent ages travelling in the tour bus by this time and would always buy those 99p biographies of different people. We had Kurt Cobain, Einstein, Malcolm X, Marie Curie and Nigel Mansell. We used to buy them and in 10 minutes you'd be up on all these famous people. GUTO: We were living in service stations so the video is filmed in one.
    • Play It Cool (1997) - GRUFF: The video for this we filmed on the two Severn Bridges. It was Guto's birthday and we had just come back from Colombia. We had to go over one Severn Bridge and then across to the other about 20 times to get this one shot.
    • Ice Hockey Hair (1998) - GRUFF: This is one of our most ambitious recordings because we did it on an EP. The chorus is really decadent and then there are lots of other layers. We'd run into a footballer from the Swedish Division Three who came to us and started to explain the concept of Ice Hockey Hair which is kind of like a mullet but with a Scandinavian twist.
    • Do Or Die (2000) - GRUFF: This is a frivolous tune inspired by the likes of Iggy Pop and Marc Bolan. The melody is like a '70s sports show, or Top Gear.
    • Rings Around The World (2001) - GRUFF: Again it is about the earth around the millennium and how we'll have this space debris of satellites, so we'll have rings around like Saturn but they'll be TV sets and bits of satellite.
    • God Show Me Magic (1996) - GRUFF: Another atheist anthem. It is a challenge to God and he still hasn't answered it, and it's been out since 1996.
    • Ysbeidiau Heulog (2000) - GUTO: This was on the Mwng album. It was going to come out on Creation but then we had to put it out ourselves. GRUFF: It is called Sunny Intervals in English and it is about a relationship but from the narrative of a weather man. So it is mostly cloud and rain and some frost with some sunny intervals.
    • Demons (1997) - GRUFF: This is a very dark song and I can hear traces of David Bowie and Arthur Lee in it. We got to go to Colombia to make the video and were given 30,000 which was the biggest amount of money for a shoot.
    • Golden Retriever (2003) - GRUFF: It's a really simple song but we were trying to make a head banging song from the golden age of heavy rock. My girlfriend had two golden retrievers and one of them sadly passed away since the making of the song. But it is about a male and a femaledog told through the male dog's perspective.
    • International Language Of Screaming (1997) - GRUFF: One of the most powerful things about rock music is that you can understand it in any language. You can't always make out what the words say. GUTO: When people asked us about the song I always say that I never understood what Kurt Cobain was saying but I understood the emotion. This is all about being pissed off and wanting to scream.
    • Hello Sunshine (2003) - GUTO: The start is a Wendy and Bonnie sample which we just liked and fitted the mood of the piece. GRUFF: We looked for a woman who could sound like Wendy to sing it with me but I had to do it alone. But when we played in San Francisco the real Wendy sang with us.
    • Hometown Unicorn (1996) - GRUFF: This is a homage to Frankie Fontaine who was abducted by aliens in France in the mid 1970s. They left him in a cabbage field a few miles from home. He was putting ketchup on his fries one day in a diner and it started to trigger the memories of his abduction. But in the end it is just still a simple song about wanting to go back home, whether that is from another town or from outer space.
    • If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You (1996) - GRUFF: We recorded this in Rockfield Studios (Monmouth) and it was the first time we had ever used strings. I was very influenced by the Moody Blues.
    • Blerwytirhwng (1995) - GUTO: This was the first EP that Angst put out and we wanted more people to hear it really. We really like it, it's an epic song which finished in a laser battle. When we are doing EPs it is just four songs and we can chuck everything in that. It's like a monster.

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