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unofficially super furry animals - sfa - The Man Don't Give A Fuck - [tab/chords].

The Man Don't Give A Fuck
(theres no real chords for this but if there was theyd be like this)
Dm7 G Dm7 G
Spent some times in stormy weather
Dm7 G Dm7 G
under clouds of my dilemma
Dm7 G
now theres nothing much to do
Dm7 G
except for sitting in front of televisions
Dm7 G
staring back at me
Dm7 G
I'm just waiting for the microwaves
Dm7 D
to wash me into the sea

you know they don't give a fuck about anybody else

Dm7 G Dm7 G
Out of focus ideology
Dm7 G Dm7 G
keep the masses from majority
Dm7 G Dm7 G
experts blame my stupid plan
Dm7 G Dm7 G
Left to bleed while vultures glide

Chorus x 8

silence for 4 bars, then just strum a D for the
barber shop quartet bit

Chorus x infinity

the notes in the verse can be played as follows
if you use a delay mixed with some weird wah sounds
you can get it right

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