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Walk You Home
Absolute ball-ache of a song to figure out chords for, this. For the simple reason that this is a song that's obviously been composed on a
keyboard/piano, making the permutations non-guitar friendly, and even THEN it doesn't sound like its chord-based at all, and some of the
changes have surprised even me in a 'what the hell is going on here?' sense but I had a try.
The bass is far from playing any root notes throughout - pretty much doing the Brian Wilson trick of playing notes in the chord rather than
the root, so this makes it double difficult - due the guitar being a non-linear instrument unlike keyboards, it sounds a bit strange:

(D7sus2) Can't forget that smile
(D7sus2/G) Can't believe we met
(D7sus2) Such a sudden kiss
(D7sus2/G) And you never even said good (Amaj7) bye

(Fmaj7) The future ain't what it used to (Amaj7) be
(Fmaj7) I'll always think of you lovingly

(D7sus2/A) Seasons change
(D6sus2/D) And rearrange
(D7sus2/A) A new light shines
(D6sus2/D) (If she read my mind)
"You could be drinking wine with (Amaj7/E) me"
(Fmaj7/A) "So why don't you go up and (Amaj7/E) ask?"
I'm so (Fmaj7/A) very shy
I couldn't look at her in the eye

( C ) When the (G/B) lights (F/C) came ( C ) on I (G/B) knew (F/C) it ( C ) was (G/B) time (F/C) to (G) go

(G7) One thing I know I must never do ever a (C/G) gain
Is (G7) delay in asking you if I could ever be able to, I don't know, shit, I've fucked (Am/E) up again

(E/B) I wanna walk you (Bm) home tonight
(E/B) Please can I walk you (Bm) home tonight?

etc. etc.

then end on E/B.

**Thanks Chupacabras!

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