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unofficially super furry animals - sfa - Zoom - [lyrics].

Took you to a movie
But you moved away.
Froze into a standstill;
My feet turned to clay.
Looked into the sky for
some good advice,
A curious shadow
angle poised,
Circled twice then tossed
me a Carcass

Sold you a Dalmatian,
But the spots fell off,
Pooled them all together,
As a hairy moth,
Bred it with a lion
but it flew away,
Now it chases drones
around the sky;
Growls and grunts 'til you
feed it a blemish

I can't get enough of it
Kiss me with Apocalypse
An instant hit

Saw the Virgin Mary,
She was crying blood,
Tears congregate
Into a mighty flood,
Gave her some directions
to a specialist,
An eye doctor to help her cyst,
She took the wrong turn,
to the family planning.

Saw Lord Lucan riding Shergar
to the shops last night,
Couldn't be positive in
candle light,
Chased them in a Mustang
to a Quick Save till,
Searched for words to fit the bill,
Dug myslef a hole,
Then I fell into a vacuum

I can't get enough of it
Kiss me with Apocalypse
An instant hit

  • Performed initially as part of a Peel session on BBC Radio 1.
  • The following lyrics were written in the van on the way to the recording session.
  • Knocked out cold in a circular movement, drowned
    Stabbed in the back of a cut in the head
    Left for dead, dead and really unsteady

    Ate a lot of it again, King Kong
    Take the money and then pay for it
    Zoom back just a little bit

    Ate a lot of it again, King Kong
    Ate the money and then payed for it
    Zoom in, zoom back a little

    Monster equipped with a stick
    Feel mud in carpet boots
    Tassled flares
    Always trip me up with worst conclusion:
    Locked out cold, fucking marvel

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