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Listen to the Gruff and Bunf from Feb. 12, 2008 : KEXP in-studio, @12:30 (pacific)

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Super Furry Animals, Candylion, Acid Casuals, The Bear, Pete Fowler, Ffa Coffi Pawb, The Hellsayers, The Loungs, Monsterism Island

Also many thanks to the people who have been good enough to correct me about Welsh lyrics, missing releases, etc - Richard Stanforth for his amazing gigography, Nic Dafis for the translation of the Datblygu notes. Rhys Evans for pointing out the formerly rubbish translation of Drygioni, Rhys Manders for loads of tabs, Max Deadman for doing the tab of Sarn Helen, Al Peers of NewsNet Yorks, who did the review of the Leeds gig, all the wonderful people on the former Cosmic Trigger board that have contributed to tabs, chords, translations and so much more! Sarah Soya Bean and Defuser for your assistance in setting up Citizens Band. Tif & Gif for hosting. Taras...without you, this wouldn't be here and then of course loads of other people who I've probably forgotten.


"We've all got little, shiny penises on the toes of our feet. Nobody's noticed before. We've got strange-shaped shoes."

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