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Brixton Academy Review - 13/05/2015

Super Furry Animals, O2 Academy Brixton, review: It's a party, not a wake, with these fun-loving lefties A nostalgic night to help everyone forget about their election blues

Anyone frustrated by Friday's election result would have found a satisfactory outlet in the Super Furry Animals' traditional set closer. The Man Don't Give a F***, a song with more F-words than a Scorsese film, was a fulfilling angry howl concluding a much quieter anniversary celebration.

The band were back after six years of side projects to mark 15 years since the release of their album Mwng. It remains the biggest-selling Welsh language album and was once praised in Parliament. However, its songs are low-key and slow to reveal their wonders, and prompted the most audience chatter here.

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Glasgow Review - 12/05/2015

Welsh sonic wonders Super Furry Animals have only been on pause for six years, but this show had all the hallmarks of a euphoric comeback, saluted by the capacity crowd as if they had just made it through a melody drought to fall at the feet of these pop saviours in white boilersuits.

Super Furry Animals - O2 Academy, Glasgow

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Cian's Latest Project - 11/05/2015

Cian Ciaran of Super Furry Animals' latest project was 'forged in Wales but made in California'

Zefur Wolves, fronted by Super Furry Animals Cian Ciaran, will be at Maesgeirchen in June The casual listener may know Cian Ciaran as the multi instrumentalist with the Super Furry Animals.

Those with a musical telescope and who examine further - will also know the Bangor born musician as label owner, producer and creator of two solo albums.

Estelle Ios makes up part of Baby Queens – a collective that combines alternative guitar music and soul. Together with their band, Zefur Wolves, they have just released a debut album of political themed shoegaze and psychedelic waltzes - and are about to tour.

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