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Gruff Rhys to play in the ICA lineup with Mogwai - 30/12/2005
from the Mogwai site and CT Board 28/12/2005 ICA supports confirmed
The line up for our 5 ICA shows in January is as follows.

10th Part Chimp vs Alexander Tucker + DJ Keith Cameron
11th Uncle John and Whitelock + DJ Dr Kiko
12th Gruff Rhys + DJ Dr Kiko
13th Errors + Magnificents
14th Electric Wizard + DJ Gary Aspden

tickets are reportedly sold out for the 12th
SFA Selected as a Pick for Flavorpill's F-List - 23/12/2005
from Flavorpill We've selected Super Furry Animals as a pick for Flavorpill's very first F-List! A compendium of the hottest emerging artists, trends, magazines, blogs, and technologies, the F-List is the winter guide to the cutting-edge culture that will influence how we think, work, and play well into 2006, and beyond.

The F-List homepage is here.
Your F-List highlight is here.

If you're not already familiar, Flavorpill ( publishes nine free email magazines that filter culture to a subscriber base of over 250,000 readers: five city-specific weeklies in NYC, SF, LA, Chicago, and London - as well as publications on fashion (JC Report), electronic music (Earplug), art (Artkrush), and books (Boldtype).
SFA To Play in Cardiff Jan. 28 - 20/12/2005
Stars line-up for climate change concert

20/12/2005 - 16:10:17

The Darkness, The Strokes and Super Furry Animals will top the bill at a concert to raise awareness of climate change, it was announced today.

The One Earth concert takes place at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium on January 28.

It will be broadcast live on the internet and aims to encourage one million Europeans to switch to renewable energy sources in 2006.

"People are genuinely concerned about the effects of climate change, but don't know how easy it is to make a big difference.

"The concert will focus attention on the part we can all play in tackling climate change," said organiser Michael Mathres of environmental group Climate Change Now.

Further details of the line-up will be announced shortly.

From Ireland on line
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