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SFA to Record New Album After UK Tour - 23/03/2004

SUPER FURRY ANIMALS will start recording their seventh studio album after their Spring UK tour.

The band, who release an collection of remixes from their 'Phantom Power' album on April 12, have been touring the world over the last year - but they aim to go straight to work as soon as their tour is finished.

Drummer Dafydd Ieuan told the Salisbury Journal: "On the last album we had about 44 songs in various stages of completion, so we had to choose 14 to record that we thought would work together as an album.

"There's surplus from that album and even more have come along. We have our own studio in Cardiff so it's a bit easier to take your time when you know that time is not money.

"You can go back and change things, or scrap a week's worth of work without thinking that you are wasting a fortune."

The full list of the band's UK/Ireland shows is as follows: Liverpool Royal Court (March 27)
Dublin Olympia (28)
Edinburgh Corn Exchange (30)
Middlesbrough Town Hall (31)
Sheffield Octagon (April 1)
Cardiff International Arena (2)
Nottingham Rock City (4)
Salisbury City Hall (5)
Cambridge Corn Exchange (6)
Brighton Dome (7)
London Carling Hammersmith Apollo (8)

SFA to Release Remix Album with 2 New Tracks - 01/03/2004

SUPER FURRY ANIMALS are to release a remix album and download-only EP to coincide with their forthcoming tour of the UK and Ireland.

The album, 'Phantom Phorce', is a collection of reworkings of tracks from the band's 2003 LP 'Phantom Power'.

The full tracklisting is:
'Hello Sunshine' (Weevil)
'Liberty Belle' (Mario Caldato Jnr)
'Golden Retriever' (Killa Kella)
'Sex, War And Robots' (Wauvenfold)
'The Piccolo Snare' (Four Tet)
'Venus & Serena' (Massimo)
'Father Father' (Boom Bip)
'Bleed Forever' (Brave Captain)
'Out Of Control' (Zan Lyons)
'City Scape Sky Baby' (Minotaur Shock)
'Valet Parking' (High Llamas)
'The Undefeated' (Llwybr Llaethog)
'Slow Life' (Sir Doufous Styles)
'Valet Parking' (Force Unknown)
'Hello Sunshine' (Frieband)

It will initially only be available on the band's UK tour dates before getting a full release on April 12. The EP, available as a download on March 29 from, and a full release on April 12. The album will contain a new edit of Slow Life, and new tracks Lost Control and Motherfokker, which features guest appearances from Goldie Lookin Chain and Killa Kela.

Initial quantities of Phantom Phorce will feature the single as an extra CD. Both Phantom Phorce and Slow Life are released on the bands own Placid Casual label. New releases on Sony will follow later in 2004.

Photos from the Vancouver & Seattle shows - 24/02/2004

We just got back from the Vancouver and Seattle shows. They were both amazing! We've posted the photos here: Seattle or Vancouver. In Seattle Gruff made a trip to the bar during Juxtaposed to get a round of drinks for the band, it was hilarious! Yep, that is Chris' visor that Gruff is wearing on the way back from the bar. The crowd in Seattle was incredible and we met some new furry friends in Vancouver. It was a real treat to meet Cian after the Seattle show and he signed a press photo for me, great guy. Great to chat with the sound guy (can't remember his name Andy? Ian? and thanks for the setlist)! Briefly speaking to Gruff in Vancouver was ace!

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