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Super Furry Animals
Phantom Power
(XL Recordings/Beggars Group)

"...saturated with aching pop moments and sophisticated arrangements, each one coming on like a distant dream of a favorite 60's song. And though the songs may at first glance seem whimsical, they often serve here as gateways to deeper reflections on war, nuclear power and the tarnished American Dream."
- Neil Strauss, The New York Times

The wait is finally over for Super Furry Animals' new album, Phantom Power - and as a testament to the band's unique, progressive vision, it's the second Super Furry Animals album to be released on CD and DVD. A technicolor, spacious, sonic poppy field, Phantom Power boasts otherworldly surround sound, Pete Fowler's monsterrific artwork, and singer Gruff Rhys' finest conceptual poetry to date.

One of the UK's most adored and acclaimed bands, SFA found a similarly ecstatic and pleasantly surprised audience in the US with the release of 2001's Rings Around The World. It's clever, ecological concept and companion DVD made Rings Around The World one of 2001-2002's best albums, both here and abroad. With across-the-board critical acclaim, SFA landed two full-US tours (complete with stunningly elaborate visuals and expansive live sound), "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," NPR, the Rolling Stone Cool Issue, Entertainment Weekly's "It" list, and a host spot on MTV's "120 Minutes."

The release of the Phantom Power DVD makes SFA the only band in history to release a CD and companion DVD…again! They first accomplished such a unique feat with the simultaneous CD/DVD release of Rings Around the World. Besides having 5.1 stereo surround sound, SFA's artist/designer Pete Fowler developed a different animation for each song.

They're already your favorite band of kaleidoscopic surrealists. Phantom Power will make them your favorite band, period.

Catch SFA on the road with Papa M this February!

2/2/04 Minneapolis, MN @ Fine Line
2/3/04 Chicago, IL @ Metro
2/4/04 Detroit, MI @ St. Andrews Hall
2/5/04 Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Theater
2/7/04 Boston, MA @ Somerville Theatre
2/8/04 Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
2/9/04 New York, NY @ Webster Hall
2/11/04 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
2/12/04 Philadelphia, PA @ TLA
2/13/04 Carrboro, NC @ Cats Cradle
2/14/04 Athens, GA @ 40 Watt Club
2/15/04 Nashville, TN @ 40 Watt Club
2/17/04 Austin, TX @ La Zona Rosa
2/18/04 Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Tea Room
2/20/04 Lawrence, KS @ Granada
2/21/04 Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
2/24/04 Vancouver, BC @ Richards on Richards
2/25/04 Seattle, WA @ The Showbox
2/27/04 San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
2/28/04 Los Angeles, CA @ Henry Fonda

Hello Sunshine single - 26/10/2003

Hello Sunshine came out as a single the other day... apologies for not updating the discography but I'm still at university (they tell me it could take another two and a bit years!!) so it's difficult to update the site. Um, the b-sides are Cowbird and Sanitizzzed, which are fairly good. The new video on the DVD single is completely Pete Fowler, and very good! Bigger update coming towards Christmastime, meanwhile, support the band, go to the gigs, buy the singles and all that stuff. Go furry mad :D

Oh My...Things Are Happening! - 18/08/2003

Wellll! I finally got round (again!) to updating the site! And what an update! It's so big an update that it deserves lots of sentences ending with exclamation marks!

I've added Phantom Power, the brilliant (thank god) new album, to the discography, as well as its lyrics and most of the chords; also added are *exclusive* photos of the recent Queen's Hall gig.

The site has also changed from white to black, and had the header images updated with Phantom Power art. I've created seperate sound and image sections, and added some wallpapers I've recently created.

There should be quite a few rareish MP3s from my collection coming soon, hopefully all of the Peel and Evening Sessions 2001 (including full MP3 of Zoom) and the three tracks from Glasto 2003. Maybe also Charge as an MP3, if I can get away with it (ahem).

As well as that, things have generally been brushed up; I've added loads more notes to every song and album, updated the timeline, and so on.

By the way, don't forget to visit the official site, where the new chatbox feature is really handy for fans to meet and discuss stuff.

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