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An update - at last!.. - 03/07/2003

...but probably the last update for a while, as I am going straight back to uni on Sunday. However, here's a little round-up of what's new in the world of SFA:

STOP PRESS! The official site has finally been given a much-needed makeover! Pie and the people from no.brake have given it more than a few licks of paint and it's looking better than ever before. It even has a Timeline (hmm, great idea... hehe. By the way, thanks for linking to this site you lovely people!)

The album is now ready for launch; the official album site is up, with lots of information about that. The new single, Golden Retriever, is receiving plenty of airplay on radio, especially on 6music, which is definitely a good thing. A large image of the album artwork is available here.

B-sides for Golden Retriever will be Summer Snow and Blue Fruit. There will be a CD and DVD; the DVD will include a "Pop Promo, the B sides, Pete Fowler animation, animated wallpaper, lyrics and animated menu." Woo, animated menu! Ahem.

This month's Q magazine (subscribers got it today) describes Phantom Power as "the soundtrack to a summer of sultry evenings and smouldering bonfires" and "the band's best work to date", which is, of course, very promising! It also received four stars, after Rings received only three.

The band's appearance at Glastonbury went well - apart from Gruff being arrested on-site for trying to break into his own car. Three of the songs are now available here for your streaming pleasure - Golden Retriever, Juxtapozed With U, and (Drawing) Rings Around The World, all of which were performed stunningly.

There are also pages of captures from the TV broadcast of Glastonbury and captures from the BBC Jonathan Ross Show last month. I might put the Jonothan Ross version of Golden Retriever up some time, although it wasn't particularly great and I can't find the minidisc just now!..

The band released the first compilation album on their label, Placid Casual, recently, called Depressed Celts - Volume 1. There is a hidden SFA track (Frosty Nights In Gothenburg) at the end, which I will be adding eventually to the lyrics database here... in the meantime, go and buy the album! :)

Last but not least, a few more live dates for you: SFA are to play the Benicassim Festival again, between 8-10 August. The band will also be appearing at Queens Hall in Edinburgh on the 7th of August, as part of T on the Fringe. I'll be attending the Edinburgh show (unfortunately not the Spanish one!) so there will probably be pics and maybe something more interesting then.

In the meantime, you can always contact me if you have any questions about SFA (although I hardly ever have any idea about the official side of things... try the official site for that). Also, there is a more up-to-date, unofficial news site at, which I highly recommend you visit for thorough furry news coverage.


New album "Phantom Power"! + More - 20/03/2003

Single: "Golden Retriever": 30th June
Album: "Phantom Power": 14th July

SFA issued a press release today with details of the new album, single and tour.

Phantom Power will have fourteen tracks, and will be released on CD and DVD. The DVD is currently still in production at No.Brake with Pete Fowler working on the artwork.

There will be a Welsh gig at Bethesda on Saturday 21st June. SFA will also perform at Stephen Malkmus's (ex-Pavement) Down The Dustpipe festival at the Royal Festival Hall.

"Golden Retriever" will be performed at the Wales vs Azerbaijan football match on 29th March, and a full Autumn UK tour will be announced later. Many thanks to Karen for alerting me to this!

In other news... last night I uploaded the 2001 Evening Session for your listening enjoyment. It's a Windows Media stream and will work on a 56k connection (I've tested it.) Enjoy the music and roll on June...

Dunk!, Glastonbury, and a new site - 19/03/2003

The SFA remix of FC Kahuna's "Hayling" (see last update) is already on the US version of the album, and is apparently being added to the UK version. I've put up a lowish-quality version of the track for your listening pleasure.

SFA are likely to play Glastonbury this year. The band will be appearing alongside Radiohead, so it should be a fixed event in your diary.

A new news site, Super Furry Logic, has been launched. It's being done by the person who used to write the news section of the official site, so watch out for insider gossip over there.

I am currently home for the Easter break, so you can reasonably expect a few more updates and a bit more content in the near future.

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