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Furries "remix" on FC Kahuna promo... - 15/02/2003
SFA have remixed FC Kahuna's track "Hayling". The remix, called "Hayling - SFA Dunk Dunk Dunk!" available on the Skint Records promo of Hayling, but not on the City Rockers promo - as far as I know.

The remix itself is very different from the original, beginning with a looped part of the vocals from the original, and building up into a Beach Boys-esque climax of furriness.

I'm not sure whether it will be on the final single release, but it's definetely good enough to be released properly, and hopefully serves as some kind of indication of the new SFA album.

-- taras

Happy New Year; Edam Anchorman chords - 02/01/2003

Happy new year! This should be a very furry year indeed with the release of Album 6 and DVD 2 in June. Other notable releases this year will be Blur's new album (minus guitarist Graham Coxon, alas) and Radiohead's one too. Hopefully 2003 will turn out a lot better than 2002 was for music.

I've put up the chords for Edam Anchorman, or at least my guess at them.

Gruff on FC Kahuna album, new album news, new photos around - 19/12/2002
Gruff recently made an appearance on the excellent new FC Kahuna album, "Machine Says Yes", co-writing and performing a track called Fear Of Guitars. The song is beat-free and mostly uses acoustic guitar samples against some really strange singing from Gruff. The whole album is highly recommended.

Album news! Album six has been confirmed as having a release date of June 2003. Apparently, it will also be released simultaneously on DVD, RATW-style, although the details at the moment are sketchy. It has been confirmed that Zoom will not be appearing on this album, unfortunately.

I've updated the Discography code so that it now displays song lengths alongside most tracks, which might be useful when using the Mix-Tape Planner!

Thanks to Miriam at, there are now some photos of pre-SFA outfit Ffa Coffi Pawb available. Check them out. Hope Music Media also has some photos from the RATW recording sessions in New York.

Anyway, once again I shall soon be off back to university, where I can't edit this website (cry), so if you have anything you want me to know about in the meantime, you can contact me at taras @

Have a nice Christmas and a happy new year!


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