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Band featured in new book, Zoom not on album, biggest news update ever... - 12/10/2002
The Furries are featured in a new book about the avant-garde side of Paul McCartney. Author Ian Peel interviews the band in his new book The Unknown Paul McCartney about his infamous carrot-crunching on Receptacle For The Respectable, and McCartney's history of vegetable-munching in popular music.

In other news, the Official Site has been completely wiped clean in preparation for album six. All that's there now is a set of improved message boards, with more content promised as the album's release becomes imminent.

It was confirmed on the message board that the wonderful Zoom will not be featured on the new album, to the disappointment of many.

And, unfortunately, you can't expect many more updates from me for the time being - I haven't found a way to access FTP from uni, so it looks like the only times I will be updating the site will be when I'm at home or if I can afford to use an Internet café... ah well :/

Bye for now! (I am still reachable by email if anyone wants to send me something... like "access all areas" passes to any future Edinburgh gig... *hint* *hint* :) )

-- taras

Off to Uni I go! - 28/09/2002

I am off to university in Edinburgh, so if this site doesn't get updated for months at time, it just means I haven't found a way of uploading stuff! :) Keep the furriness going, everyone!

-- Taras

Strange movements at - 25/09/2002

The official site,, is down for a few days for renovation...

In other news, Q Magazine have reported in their "Advance Warning" section that the Furries have "halted work on their sixth album" to tour the US. Perhaps album six is closer than we all thought?

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