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Old News and Cover Art - 26/07/2002

I've "updated" the news archive with all the news from before the redesign, and linked to a few things which weren't linked to before.

Also, on the discography, many releases now have extended information on the coverart, and I've uploaded loads of new scans of cover art both for "proper" releases and some promos.

Loadsaupdates! - 16/07/2002

Today, I added a transcript of the Jonathon Ross interview, in which Gruff sounds like he's about to fall asleep for... well, the entire interview. The audio file of this interview is also still available.

I added a 'sample' (ahem, the full song) of Charge in RealAudio format (straight from my vinyl copy, so don't expect incredible quality) and I made an attempt at the lyrics of Patience. Please let me know if you have a better idea of the lyrics, they're not exactly very clear (thanks Gruff)...

[Update! I found out why Charge sounded bad quality - I was recording it at 11 kHz instead of 44.1 kHz! So now it sounds slightly better. Hooray!]

Behind The Scenes... - 15/07/2002

My parcel arrived from Ankst today, containing Datblygu's "1985-1995", which was... "interesting". However, also in the package was the Crymi #1 DVDZine, which was rather good, and features a short interview with Gruff about Mwng.

Reviews of both of these will be up in a few days' time, as well as some samples of Datblygu for those of you who haven't heard the original "Y Teimlad". Meanwhile, you might have noticed a slightly changed news interface - I finally got round to writing a proper news system, so updates will now appear on the front page of the site and this page should be easier to use once there is a large number of news items. Yes, you really did need to know that.

Byeeeeee! - taras

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